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VintageVintage 2020

Vintage 2020

The first part of spring was relatively dry and sunny, guaranteeing a homogeneous vegetative recovery which began at the end of February and ended in the second half of March. The months of March and April were spent under the banner of good weather and mild temperatures, with little rainfall, suggesting, in the first instance, an early vintage.

This forecast, however, was denied in May, when the unstable climate recorded a considerable number of rainy days, a situation that lasted until late June. This, on the one hand, caused a slowdown in vegatative development, thus exhausting the advantage accumulated at the beginning of spring and on the other hand it allowed an important accumulation of water in the soil, which combined with the not excessive temperatures of the summer averted phenomena of water stress. .

From the point of view of the quantity of production, while the first estimates tended to highlight important levels especially on early varieties, the recourse to the now traditional practice of thinning has brought the situation back to normal, further privileging the quality of the grapes.

A beautiful harvest.