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Life is always a matter of encounters, of combinations. Sometimes it seems that things cannot go differently: it is destiny. Other times (often the best ones) seem to be the result of chance.

Years ago, traveling around Europe, Marco – who will become a renowned chef specializing in seafood – meets Stefano – a sommelier who is today also  a winemaker and artisan producer of Barbaresco. There is a feeling, that a piece of the puzzle is missing. They still do not know, but an accomplice is looking for them: it is Soren, a manager of Danish origins madly in love with Italian wine. During one of his passionate explorations along the “boot”, he comes to discover Stefano’s cellar.

The Langhe. It could only be this – the heart of Piedmont, a land of exceptional biodiversity, prestigious grapes and spectacular food and wine tradition – the place where the three friends make the fundamental decision: together, we will make great bubbles.

Thus, in 2018, APECA (from their surnames (H)ansen, Perissinotto and Campaniello) was born: a project for the production of quality Piemontese bubbles. Sparkling wines base on the soil and grapes of Piemonte has  great finesse and elegance. l t might be less known compared to more noble or trendy sparkling wine regions, but this is actually where the first Italian sparkling wine was born.

We will make wines that we like ourselves, that can stimulate our senses and capture great moments of togetherness. Our production will not be large, but in all our wines, we will do our outmost to adhere to high quality as a priority.

Working according to the criteria of conscious agriculture, respectful of the rhythms of nature, APECA in 2020 presented the first wine, a charmat method based on chardonnay, a pure expression of the territory.

In the spring of 2021, with the same soul, a  Metodo Classico was released.

In the autoumn of 2021 a much desired Alta Langa DOCG will be produced. All small and exclusive productions, wines to enjoy, to share, wines that are born with a promise to be interesting, whether they are the result of chance or destiny.

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Soren Hansen

Soren comes from Northern Europe and has been fascinated by the world of wine all his life. Over the years he has continuously returned to Piedmont several times and now lives there.

Marco Perissinotto

He is a creative chef, specializing in modern cuisine. He grew up around Europe with the will to work with the best ingredients and achieve excellence. Since 2018 he has joined Stefano and Soren in this new adventure.

Stefano Campaniello

Expert artisan of wine with clear ideas. After several experiences in France, Spain and England, for several years he has also been a producer of great wines in the Langa. He is a constant researcher of quality.